Theme Birthday Parties


We offer a magical children parties in our family-friendly bookshop. If you want something unique and fun for your party, just get in touch. We can make your children’s dream come true by organising a party based on their favourites books or movies. Our entertainers interact with children of almost all ages and provide children’s birthday party ideas and fun for the whole family. They do scientific experiments, role-playing games, story telling, face painting, games, dancing, craft and cooking projects and much more. We offer bespoke party scenarios, the choice of two different party rooms, and teams of two energetic party leaders to run your 2 hour party. You can choose from two different rooms: the green one (approximately 35 square meters) is designed for smaller children aged 3 to 5 years. It is within our bookstore premises and a café for parents where they can relax while waiting for their children. The second, club room (50 square meters) better serves older children aged 6 to 12 years. It has a separate entrance, its own cloakroom and a bathroom, lots of funny costumes and props, a rotating mirror disco ball, and a fog machine.

Choose from one of our suggested party themes or create your own.

For preschoolers aged 4-6 years we offer:

  • Hoist a Jolly Roger! /Small Pirates Party
  • The Knights and Princesess Ball
  • Dinosaur Party
  • Fairies and Sorcerers Party / Magic and Experiments
  • In the Jungle / Fun for children who love animals
  • Firefighter Party
  • Car Party

For the children aged 6-8 years we suggest:

  • Army Party Military Adventure
  • Around The World In 80 Days
  • Magical Travel through an Old Wardrobe Narnia-based Party
  • Detective Party / Spy Party
  • Beware of the Mummy! Ancient Egypt Party
  • Discover the Flora and Fauna of the Rainforest
  • Doctor Dolittle’s Zoo All about Pets and Wild Animals
  • In the Dragon’s Nest All About Magical Creatures
  • In the Scientific Lab/ Bithday Party with Experiments
  • Enter the Hogwarts/ Party with Harry Potter
  • How to be a Jedi knight (A Star Wars Party)
  • Visit Villa Villekulla/ Pippi Longstocking Party

For youngsters aged 9-12 years we offer:

  • Visiting Pandora / Avatar-based Party
  • Arts and Crafts Party
  • Ghostbusters Party / Scary party with monsters, vampires and ghosts
  • Glamour Mini Spa Party
  • Dance Party – 70’s Retro/ Disco or other disco
  • Indiana Jones Party
  • Let’s make a movie! / Movie Star Party
  • Time travel / A party based in any era of your preference

 Certainly, we can prepare any party scenario based on your child preferences. Typical birthday party lasts 2 hours (optionally 3 hours).

 Birthday Party Price-List for 10 children:


  • 550 PLN in a green room
  • 650 PLN in a club room


  • 650 PLN in a green room
  • 750 PLN in a club room

 For parties of over 10 children, there is an additional charge of 15 PLN per child. Please remember, that the final number of people should be given at least 3 days before the party.

Each additional hour of the party is charged at submitted 150 PLN. We can also provide an English, birthday party for an additional fee of 200 PLN.

We offer also snacks, sweets, soft drinks for the party guests and hot beverages for parents. You can choose from our catering menu, mailed on request to order hot meals, pizzas, sandwiches or birthday cakes in any shape imaginable. You can also order unlimited tea, coffee or hot chocolate for your adult guests with a 20% discount.

 As an additional birthday treat we offer also:

  • a chocolate fountain with set of fruits – 250 PLN,
  • the magician show full of magic tricks – 450 PLN.

In some cases there is also a possibility to book both party rooms (for 200 PLN) exclusively – please contact us if you are interested.

To book a party, just call or e-mail us, confirm the date and make a deposit of 200 PLN. Please be aware, that the deposit is non-refundable in case of party cancellation or a change of date.

Badet, ul. Lentza 35a, phone +48 22 499-37-17,

We look forward to hosting your child’s next birthday party!